Ad Booking System

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When I first opened up sponsorships in my newsletter, my booking process was a nightmare. Constant emails, endless follow-ups, unnecessary invoicing, lot of lost time.

Why not 100% automate the entire process?

Then I thought of cutting so much friction and made my own 100% automated self-service Google sheet that lets my sponsors pay and book instantly!

How it works?

Step 1 - Sponsor picks a date 

Step 2 - Sponsor add their product details

Step 3 - Pay!

Step 4 - Product details are automatically added to Google Sheet including images. And sponsor's chosen date is marked as booked.

What you will get?

✅ Full video tutorial for understanding the Ad Booking System.

✅ 14 Mon-Sun sponsor & classified ads booking templates for the full year.

✅ 30 seconds method of making desired dates Ad booking system.

✅ 100% ready templates. Just add your Jotform links. And your Ad Booking System is ready, LITERALLY.

  • Newsletter sending checklist includes multiple checklists like newsletter template creation, writing a newsletter, editing a newsletter, newsletter review, and to-dos after sending newsletter checklist.


🔹 No back-and-forth email exchange with sponsors

🔹 One ad slot can be booked only once

🔹 No monthly fees

🔹 0% transaction fees excluding PayPal / Stripe transaction fees.

🔹 100% Automatic. Instant. Secure. Reliable!

Can I have a FREE demo?


Just pick any date from the Demo Ad-booking System.

Fill in the ad details > click submit > then sponsor details (including image) will be automatically added to this Sponsor Details Sheet. And the specific date on the demo Ad Booking System is not available anymore for new bookings. (Everything happens automatically within 5 minutes.)


Q-1: Fees

0% Fees excluding Paypal/Stripe's transaction fee. Jotform free plan is enough.

Q-2: Can one ad slot be booked twice?

No. We are using double protection. Within 5 minutes of the ad-slot booking, the ad-slot link gets deleted from the ad-booking system. And only 1 submission is allowed for one ad slot.

Any questions?

DM me on Twitter @FalakDigital

P.S. If you're a student, from a low-income country, or can't afford this for any reason, please reach out and I'll do my best to help you!

I want this!

Full video + all templates to create your own Ad-booking System

100% Money-Back Guarantee (30 Days)
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Ad Booking System

5 ratings
I want this!